#BCAS Mission

Aim and objectives

The Creative Practitioners of Bapala are united by the aim of establishing a viable arts sector in the Thabo Mofutsanyana District, which promotes and preserves African cultural heritage and history. The cooperative’s objectives are to:

  1. Revive arts and culture activities in schools in the community, which promote African heritage and Indigenous histories, which preserve and encourage pride in, our (Sotho) cultural identity, and make arts accessible to existing and new audiences.
  2. Stimulate interest and participation in arts and cultural events, amongst young people, particularly those of intermediate and secondary school age, in the community.
  3. Organise cultural events through which young people from the community can engage with, and/or have an opportunity to produce, creative works, including visual and performance art pieces.
  4. Use artistic productions to combat social ills, including xenophobia, bullying, alcohol and drug abuse, and understand positive social developments, for example South Africa’s democratic constitution
  5. To develop educational artistic productions, which provide opportunities for young people to lean about local history and current events, in enjoyable ways.
  6. To unite local artists to contribute their voices collectively, and work together productively.